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  • State v. C.B.

    Defendant was involved in a minor accident with a deputy.  Deputy detected the smell of alcohol and charged defendant with DUI.  Defendant was extremely polite and respectful, but did not perform field sobriety tests (FST).  Judge ruled that evidence was insufficient and case was dismissed.

  • State v. P.M.

    Defendant and friend were questioned by police at a convenient store.  Shortly thereafter, defendant was stopped and charged with DUI. Motion to suppress was filed.  Case was dismissed.  Similar motion was presented at DMV hearing and license suspension was overturned.

  • State v. P.W.

    Defendant was stopped at 4:00 am for alleged improper driving.  Defendant’s breath result was 0.19%.  Defendant appeared in court without counsel and pled guilty.  Judge informed the defendant that his driving privileges would be suspended for ten years; assessed a $4000 fine; and ordered defendant to serve thirty days in jail.  Defendant asked court to withdraw his plea, so that he could hire an attorney.  After viewing digital video, a motion to suppress was filed.  Court granted the motion and the DUI charge was dismissed.

  • State v. D.D.

    Defendant was stopped for alleged violation of the “move over” law.  Defendant was charged with DUI and refusal to submit to breath testing (second offense).  Based on the evidence, a motion to dismiss was filed. After reviewing motion, prosecutor offered to amend DUI to reckless driving.  Defendant accepted offer.  Court withheld adjudication on charge and refusal citation was dismissed.



  • State v. L.R.

    Defendant was charged with third DUI violation and faced a ten-year license revocation.  Prosecutor believed defendant was clearly impaired and would not agree to any amendment or reduction of the charge.  Case proceeded to trial and defendant was found not guilty.

  • State v. J.P.

    Defendant was charged with third DUI in less than two years.  Prosecutor was seeking extended period of incarceration and five year license revocation.  Case proceeded to trial.  During the trial, the State offered to reduce charge to reckless driving and defendant accepted the plea.  Defendant suffered no license revocation or incarceration.  Defendant had to complete fifty hours of community service and attend DUI school.


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