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Drug charges can range from a misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana to trafficking charges with severe minimum mandatory penalties.


Even a minor possession charge can result in an adjudication of guilt, probation, mandatory drug testing, and suspension of driving privileges.  The consequences of such a charge can severely hamper your ability to obtain future employment.  Once convicted, you must disclose the charge to any prospective employer.  Given a choice, most companies will hire a new employee who has never been convicted of a criminal offense.


Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to attack the charge and win the case.  At a minimum, I will be able to lessen the severity of any court ruling.  Many times, my negotiations with the prosecutor will allow the Court to withhold adjudication or defer prosecution.  Therefore, your arrest will not result in a criminal conviction.


Arrests for larger amounts of contraband have significant and severe consequences.  Even a relatively small amount of a controlled substance can result in a mandatory three-year prison sentence and a $25,000 fine.   These cases must be vigorously defended.  Even in bad factual circumstances, jail may sometimes be avoided.


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