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Most people would never imagine being arrested after simply going out for dinner.  An evening out usually includes wine or another alcoholic beverage.  The intent of the night is simply to have a good time with friends.


Suddenly, your whole world is upside down.  Instead of worrying about your important meeting in the morning, you are now worried about keeping your job.  How do you explain to your boss that you couldn't show up for work because you were sitting in jail?


You are now faced with a multitude of problems.  You have been arrested, fingerprinted, and your mug shot is now on the Internet for everyone to see.  Your car has been impounded and your driver license has been suspended.


Penalties for a DUI can include:


- Suspension of your driving privileges, both administratively and criminally

- Fines and court costs, up to $4000

- Completion of DUI school

- Community service

- Immobilization of your vehicle

- Installation of the ignition interlock device

- Incarceration, up to one year


Having handled approximately two thousand DUI cases, I can assist you with every issue of both the administrative and criminal case.  If you hire me, I will apply for, schedule and attend the administrative hearing your behalf.  You will not have to take more time off from work to attend.  At the conclusion of the administrative hearing, I will help you obtain a hardship license, if necessary, and then assist you with the reinstatement of your full driving privileges.


As your attorney in the DUI criminal proceedings, I will schedule the initial court date and obtain police reports and other discovery materials necessary to defend the charge.  I will also demand a copy of the video created on the date of your arrest.  When appropriate, I will file motions with the Court, attacking the validity of the stop of your vehicle and subsequent investigation.   Often, I will appear in Court on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to take additional time off during the work day.


My goal as your attorney is to minimize the impact of a DUI offense.  Of course, the goal in every case is to have the charge dismissed.  Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence.  In virtually every case, my client was driving a vehicle and had consumed some amount of alcohol or controlled substance.  Alibis are never a defense in a DUI case. It is not unlawful to drink and drive in the state of Florida.  The factual issue is whether or not an individual is impaired.  It is my job to convince the prosecutor that the evidence of impairment is insufficient and that the charge should be dismissed or reduced.


There are numerous benefits to hiring an attorney.  In favorable circumstances, cases may be dismissed for mistakes made by the arresting officer; problems with the intoxylzer machine; or lack of evidence.  Other possible outcomes include a reduction in the DUI charge and possible expungement of your arrest records.


Even when the facts are unfavorable, an attorney can minimize the damage.  Jail may be avoided; fines may be reduced; community service can be lessened; and probation may be terminated early.


If you are arrested for DUI, we must act quickly. The administrative suspension must be handled within ten days or you will forfeit your right to any challenge.  In addition, you must schedule a court date within the first ten days or a warrant will be issued for your arrest.


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