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Although a speeding ticket isn't as damaging as a criminal charge, it can be a costly mistake.  In addition to the fine, you also face an insurance rate increase after just one ticket.  I have handled thousands of traffic violations and I have been very successful helping my clients avoid a conviction (points) in most circumstances.


Speeding Tickets


Most People receive a speeding ticket at some point.  It is important to avoid a conviction (points) as it will have an adverse effect on your car insurance rates.  In addition, an accumulation of points may result in a suspension of your driving privileges.  You can elect to pay court costs and attend defensive driving school in some cases.  You may only do so a total of five times in your life and never more than once in a twelve month period.  The Court is always free to withhold adjudication of guilt, regardless of your driving record.  An attorney can help you accomplish this goal.


Office consultations are generally not required for civil traffic infractions.  In most instances, you may simply call my office and the details can be discussed over the telephone.



Driving While License Suspended


Driving while license suspended (DWLS) is a very common charge.  If the offense is without knowledge, it is a civil infraction.  The consequences, however, can be devastating.  Any three charges of DWLS, even without knowledge, in a five-year period can result in a five-year suspension of your driving privileges.  The defense of these cases is crucial.


DWLS, with knowledge, is a criminal offense.  An individual may be incarcerated for up to one year for such a violation.  In a third or subsequent offense, the charge may be increased to a felony.  My experience in this area will help you in both the criminal case and administrative license proceeding.


Traffic offenses are a time sensitive matter.  Call my office

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